Reverse Channel Letters


Front and back lit channel letters combine front lighting with reverse lighting like the name would suggest to create truly breathtaking and memorable displays. They’re the most complex kind of channel letters and are guaranteed to command the attention that your business deserves! 


Other Products
Monument Signs
Monument signs don’t just make your business easier to find – they make a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.
Pylon Signs
Pylon signs or pole signs and freestanding signs as they’re sometimes called are one of the most effective types of business signage, literally towering over the alternatives. They’re perfect for retail outlets, shopping centers, gas stations, hotels and motels, vehicle dealerships, mini-malls, and any other business that wants to stand out in the crowd. Few signs can reach the same distance or make the same kind of impact as a pylon sign.
Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse channel letters or halo lit channel letters as they’re sometimes called consist of a standard channel letter shape, but with opaque letters that are lit from the back. Our backlit letters provide a distinct and classy image that’s sure to get noticed by passersby.